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1. Get the app

Bloom works with ANY reality capture modality, processing the data on your desktop before before sharing On-premise or in the Cloud. Point clouds are conditioned to support high compression, fast selection, drawing, and resolution density.

2. Design

Combine your point cloud and CAD model byProject orWorld coordinates. Use Photo Editing style cut & paste tools to demo or model alternative realities. Animate object movements with clash detection for realistic load path planning.

3. Validate

Compute deviation of point cloud to CAD, reference geometry, or control points then generate reports with Excel. Compute the XY offset for columns by comparing as-built and design models. Section & dimension point clouds for BIM model updates.

4. Share

When everything looks great publish your results for sharing & collaboration with your team. Use the Bloom Explorer App to review a project, play back an animation, or access an RCP formated point cloud and attach in Revit, AutoCAD or Navisworks.

A powerful next gen point cloud editor and collaboration tool.

Combine as-built point cloud and 3D design data for deviation analysis, clash detection and change management in VDC and BIM applications.
Customizable content sharing solutions from the Bloom Desktop with On-Premise file sharing on your company's VPN for complete data opacity,
with your Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage Account, or host in the Cloud with AWS servers and accessed from any web browser.

Keep it simple

Skip the polygon step. Why convert your point cloud data to polygons when you select, move, & clash like a CAD model? Add dimensions, images, & documents to your point cloud.

Refinery upgrading project

Floor analysis built-in

Quantitative method of measuring floor surface profiles using the ASTM E1155 Standard Test Method for Determining FF Floor Flatness and FL Floor Levelness Numbers.

Floor Flatness

Big data, no problem

We manage the number points and optimize the display. Multi-billion-point models are processed for easy access and fast interaction. Move past the bubble view!

Parsalia Station

Design validation always

Point cloud and design data are equally welcome here. Check your as-built condition with your design anytime, fast. Create your reports in Excel.

Ship Construction


Simple pricing plans with great value.

  • Review Package
  • Condition point cloud data and share at any internally managed Share Point or Azure Cloud Storage Account* using your Active Directory Credentials.
  • $1,500 / Annual license
  • Process point cloud data from any source: LIDAR, Photogrammetry, SLAM, Laser Triangulation, 360 Photography, and more.
  • Combine point clouds and CAD data as a single three dimensional model.
  • Add reference tags, dimensions, annotation, images, and digital documents.
  • Share 3D thumbnail models with links to RCP format point cloud ready for Revit, AutoCAD, or Navisworks.
  • Geometric shape fitting to point cloud with export to AutoCAD.
  • Export conditioned point data to AutodeskĀ® Revit, AutoCAD and Navisworks.
  • Import from Revit with Project Coordinates, IFC classification, & GUID.
  • Design Package
  • A design tool that combines as-built Reality Capture data and 3D Design Models for design validation, deviation analysis, and simulation.
  • $5,000 / Annual license
  • All the Review Package features +
  • Plane Registration, Registration to Survey Control points, Point Cloud to CAD registration, or Registration to spatial coordinate and axis.
  • Cut & Paste Demolition & Modeling tools with point cloud data. Complexload path planning and real-time animation playback.
  • Clash Detection by cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-CAD, or CAD-to-CAD with Excel based result reporting.
  • Design Validation, Deviation Analysis, & Reporting from point cloud, CAD geometry, or construction geometry with Excel based result reporting.
  • Floor Surface Evaluation using the ASTM E1155 Standard Test Method for Determining FF Floor Flatness and FL Floor Levelness Numbers.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage*

Add Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage option to any BLOOM CLOUD ENGINE desktop license.

For pricing and configuration options, including Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) using operating-system-level virtualization, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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